Trades Careers Apprenticeship Bursary


The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF) is pleased to offer a Trades Careers Apprenticeship Bursary of $500 for students who have completed our Trades Careers program (formerly Trades and Climate Change program) and are pursuing their career in trades. This bursary is open to students who attended our Trades Careers program which launched in Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton in 2018.

The goal of the Trades Careers Apprenticeship Bursary is to support and remove barriers for Trades Careers students who are on their path to becoming a certified journeyperson. This bursary is available to students for each level of apprenticeship education, to a maximum of four bursaries (total of $2000). The $500 bursary can be used to pay for living, education and work-related expenses such as rent, bills, groceries, gas, books, tools, boots, safety gear, etc. while in school for apprenticeship education.

Congratulations  to our 2020 Trades Careers bursary recipients Trey K. of Coaldale and Cody K. of Calgary.

The number of bursaries available each year may fluctuate, and applications will be accepted from January to December. A notification will be posted on this site if bursaries are fully awarded.


TO APPLY:  Fill out the online form and add attachments. Submit or print the application being sure to include the required documents. If not submitting on-line mail to:

The Educational Partnership Foundation
412, 602 – 11 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2R 1J8 Attention: Mike Rezansoff

Required documents:

A)  Copy of your registration into the school portion of your apprenticeship (this can be for; 1st, 2nd 3rd or journeyman portion of schooling)


B) Copy of your passing grade of the written and practical Challenge exam for 1st year apprentice AND C) 150 word essay (first time applicants only)

Bursary Criteria:

  • Must have completed one of the TEPF high school Trades Careers education courses
  • Must be registered as an Alberta trade apprentice
  • Registered in a secondary school such as SAIT, NAIT etc. for apprenticeship level (i.e. first year, second year, etc.) education. Pre-apprenticeship programs (RAP, Dual Credit) do not meet the requirements as qualification in this criteria.
  • Must apply by filling out the TEPF on-line form and submit it (as mentioned above).
  • First time grant applicants will be required to write a 150 word paragraph on what the Trades Careers program meant to them. Thereafter applicants will be required to write 150 words about how they are doing in their trade career.
  • The bursary is designed to support three to four years of apprenticeship eduction. Students that change midstream into a different trade will still be eligible for up to only 4 bursaries (total $2000)

The Derald Fretts Memorial Bursary


The Derald Fretts Memorial Bursary of $500 yearly has been set up to honour Derald’s love, passion and commitment to students, education and the Alberta community.

Derald had an illustrious 32-year teaching career starting at Crescent Heights High School (1973-1991), followed by Ernest Manning High School (1991-1997). In 1995 he was a Finalist for the Excellence in Teaching Awards. He finished his career with the Calgary Board of Education in the downtown office as the Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships (1997-2005), and in 1997 he was the recipient of the Mayor’s Excellence Award for “excellence in the promotion of Partnerships”.

We are very excited to be able to honour Derald’s memory as a well-loved Calgary teacher and continue to support his legacy of inspiring and elevating students’ success. One bursary will be awarded annually.

Congratulations Cody K. of Calgary who was the recipient of the 2020 Derald Fretts Memorial Bursary.

Apply for the Trades Careers Apprenticeship Bursary