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In 1995, TEPF identified an exciting opportunity to promote literacy, strengthen existing reading programs, and encourage parents to share in their children’s reading.

Reading is viewed as the best way for children to develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. By encouraging reading, this program opens the minds of children to a world of knowledge and imagination. Reading is a gift and Reading…Give it a Shot! helps students bring this gift to life.

As TEPF’s longest-running program, with the support of our longstanding partnership with the Calgary Flames Foundation and corporate sponsors, such as Johnson Insurance, we provide literacy collector cards to schools across Alberta at no charge. The teachers and parents are appreciative of this program as it allows them to ascertain appropriate literacy levels and reading minutes per student, and reward increases that are inclusive for each and every student, irrelevant of their personal reading skill. With our collector sets such as The Canadian Wildlife, Species at Risk, Dinosaurs, and Calgary Flames, teachers can take a cross-curriculum approach to the program by using lesson plans provided by TEPF, fostering increased reading and supporting other learning outcomes.

Registrations are accepted throughout the year from schools, hubs, parents, community organizations, youth-serving agencies and home school educators across Alberta.

*Note: The Calgary Flames 2022-2023 roster will be available for all orders placed after November 30, 2022

Students reached in 2022
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It costs $210 for a classroom to participate in Reading... Give it a Shot.

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