High School Trades Careers

Not everyone was meant to be in an office, sit at a desk all day, or do the same thing over and over. For people that like to work with their hands, see their accomplishments in massive view, or do well with change, a career in a skilled trade is a great option!

Why Choose a Career in the Trades?

Say hello to exciting hands-on learning!

From building skyscrapers to crafting culinary delights, the trades offer a diverse range of careers to match your interests and skills.

The Trades Careers program allows you to explore the trades while earning high school credits, apprenticeship hours and safety certifications. Upon completion, you’ll be ahead of those without the Trades Careers training and can begin your full apprenticeship right away. For you – this means on-the-job training while working and obtaining a solid income with nothing but endless possibilities for your future.

High School Trades - Learning Skills

Your Path to Success

Find Your Passion: Explore the world of trades careers and discover a trade that ignites your passion.

Learn from journeyperson mentors: Learn from experienced tradespeople who can guide you and share their knowledge and experiences.

Ready to Discover YOUR Future?

A career in the trades is not just a job; it’s an exciting career that will shape your future and let your creativity shine. Start your journey today and build a future that’s uniquely yours.

From plumbing to insulators, carpenters to electricians, and culinary chef to welder. There are career options to suit every aptitude, preference and expectation.

This program is fully funded and runs by semester/term with some summer programs available.

To sign up for upcoming courses, contact your career counsellor or teacher.

For more information on the program or the trades:

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