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If you thrive on working with your hands, witnessing your accomplishments in a larger-than-life canvas, and embracing change, then a career in the skilled trades could be the right fit for you.

Once you complete the program, you’ll be ahead of those without the Trades Careers training and have a head start towards a full apprenticeship. From there, the possibilities are boundless!

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In a world where the demand for skilled tradespeople is rapidly rising, there has never been a better time to explore the boundless opportunities that await you. With our High School Trades Careers program, you can explore the trades while earning high school credits and safety certifications. A career in the trades holds extraordinary promise and can be a step towards earning a stable income throughout your life.

At TEPF, we understand the power of unlocking your potential. That's why our transformative Trades Careers program provides you with the chance to explore various trades through hands-on learning taught by experienced journeypersons.

Your Path to Success

Unleash your true potential by exploring the world of trades careers. You’ll learn from a seasoned journeyperson who can guide you and share their knowledge and experiences.

Ready to DiscoverYOUR Future? 

Ready to Discover YOUR  Future? 

Our Trades Careers Program goes beyond inspiring a new generation of skilled tradespeople. We’re building a safer, smarter workforce that will shape the future. Through hands-on experiences and transformative educational programs, we empower students to explore the world of trades early on, discovering their true calling and contributing to the workforce in a meaningful way.

Best of all, this transformative program is fully funded and operates on a semester/term basis, with even some exhilarating summer programs available.

So, don’t waste another moment – start your journey and claim the future that awaits you, where your dreams can become reality and unlimited possibilities await.

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Boilermakers work on boilers, tanks and vats used in various industrial processes, and Boilermaker Welders weld and fabricate components used on them.


The illuminators of our modern age intricately install and maintain electrical systems, wiring, and components everywhere we live, work and play.


Measure twice, cut once is a Carpenter’s motto. Develop the skills to build magnificent buildings, custom furniture and awe-inspiring fixtures.


Savour the flavour of the Culinary world, where dedicated artisans infuse restaurants, hotels, and food service establishments with delectable meals every day.

Pipe Trades

Steamfitters, Gasfitters, Sprinkler System Installers, Plumbers and Welders construct and uphold extraordinary piping systems, channeling water, steam, chemicals, or fuel to power our world's infrastructure.


Divided into Reinforcing and Structural these architects of strength heighten the durability of concrete structures and the structural frameworks that shape our landscapes.


Through their skillful installation of insulation materials, they reduce sound, air, smoke, and fire passage, while also regulating temperature and preventing energy loss. They create safe and comfortable environments for everyone.

Industrial Mechanic (Millwrights)

These agents of transformation breathe life into manufacturing and production facilities by installing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machinery and equipment.

Finishing Trades

People in the finishing trades specialize in the final stages of construction. From painting and decorating to drywall finishing and hazardous waste removal, professionals in the finishing trades play a crucial role in ensuring that structures are visually appealing, well-maintained, and safe for use.

To sign up for upcoming courses, contact your career counsellor or teacher.
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