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We wouldn’t be able to transform Alberta students’ lives without our generous donors. We hope you will consider supporting them with your business. Thank You for Helping Us Motivate and Enable the Next Generation.

Thank You to Our Donors

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O.N.E. Transport Group

A proud partner of The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF) since 2018, O.N.E. Transport Group’s strong support has ensured all Alberta elementary students have access to our free, literacy program – Reading, Give it a Shot! by providing safe, reliable delivery service of our trading cards to students across the province.

In 1995, TEPF identified an opportunity to promote literacy and strengthen existing reading programs in schools and Reading, Give it a Shot! was born. At that time, our organization worked with Checker Courier group to deliver our trading cards to schools in the Calgary region.

When O.N.E. Transport took ownership of Checker Courier group, they created the opportunity for our RGIS program to be shared with elementary students Alberta-wide.

O.N.E. Transport shares our deep commitment to empowering youth through education as strong literacy skills form the foundation for all future learning. And children without foundation literacy skills are unlikely to excel in school and later studies.

The objective of Reading Give it a Shot! Program is to help elementary students increase their reading skills to read at grade level using the same classroom textbooks and materials as their peers; so that by year-end, ‘reluctant and/or struggling readers’ will have increased both their reading minutes and skills comprehension.

ONE Transport Group is proud to include The Educational Partnership Foundation as one of our most important charitable partners. Reading and comprehension skills are more critical than ever in the digital age. Promoting the literacy of our province’s most important and precious natural resource, our children, helps ensure that they, and Alberta, will continue to thrive into the 21st Century.  –Tim Roy, Chief Operating Officer

With this incredible partner by our side, over 25,000 Alberta elementary students participated in our Reading, Give it a Shot! program in 2019. When we help children become readers and writers, we give them the key to a worldwide community.

Thanks to O.N.E Transport for delivering the gift of reading to students across Alberta!