High School Trades Careers

Our Trades Careers program delivers hands-on learning experiences in various skilled trades. With the help of our partners, we hold training at off-campus locations in world-class facilities. Taught by instructors in the construction and culinary trades, this program empowers youth to enter the apprenticeship stream while earning high-school credits, apprenticeship hours and safety certifications.

Our students are filling a gap in the shortage facing the skilled trades, while being introduced to an in-demand career opportunity with a focus on safety, problem solving, and technical development. 

Indigenous High School & Young Adults Trades Careers

The program was designed to remove barriers in the industry and bring opportunities to Indigenous First Nations high school students and young adults. Offered on nation, and off nation in safe and inclusive training environments, participants learn practical skills that open doors to career paths in skilled trades.

This fully-funded program allows participants to earn apprenticeship hours and safety certifications.

Explore trade opportunities that align with your individual strengths and uncover your unique talents and passions as a step toward building a rewarding career!


‘Reading… Give it a Shot’, our longest-running program, provides reading motivation for youth from first to sixth grade.  Participants earn collector cards for logging reading minutes from editions such as Canadian Wildlife, Species at Risk, and Calgary Flames. Our cards provide youth with the incentive to develop their literacy skills!

Books for Kids strengthens our literacy program by adding the donation of books to select schools in Alberta. With the addition of this program, we have increased our impact on literacy levels by providing children with all the tools they need to elevate their literacy skills and discover the joy of reading.

About TEPF

In 1991, The Educational Partnership Foundation (TEPF) became an Alberta-based Canadian registered charity focused on providing youth with educational programs to empower and equip them for the future.

We believe literacy is a basic human right for every Canadian –
Is it any wonder that the synonyms for “literacy” are education, knowledge, learning and proficiency? While it may seem obvious, reading and writing are imperative to function in society. It is the way we interact with the world around us through speaking, listening and creating.

Beyond its importance as part of the right to education, literacy improves lives by expanding capabilities which in turn reduces poverty, increases participation in the labour market and has positive effects on health and sustainable development. By empowering our youth, we create a ripple effect on our society that will have a lasting effect on the world as a whole.

In 2019, with the gap in skilled trades people and demand widening, the Trades Careers high school program was developed with TEPF. It was later expanded to include an Indigenous high school and a young adult’s program.

Our literacy and skilled trades programs are offered throughout Alberta and we now have the ability to reach the 766,000+ youth all across Alberta.

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