Reading…Give It a Shot!
Lighting the lamp. Lighting imagination

In 1995, TEPF identified an exciting opportunity to:

  • promote literacy,
  • strengthen existing reading programs in schools, and
  • encourage parents to share I their children’s reading.

The Reading…Give it a Shot! program was created working with founding partner, the Calgary Flames.

Reading is viewed as the best way for children to develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. By encouraging reading, this program opens the minds of elementary school students to a world of knowledge and imagination. Reading is a gift, and Reading…Give it a Shot! helps students bring this gift to life.

Thanks to the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Flames Foundation, ConocoPhillips Canada, Checker Transportation Group, and DATA Communications Management, TEPF continues to encourage students to discover the joy and benefit of reading.

LETHBRIDGE: Registration is now open for Lethbridge schools! Sign up your class today and become a part of this wonderful program!  Cards will be distributed in June for the Lethbridge fall reading program.

FORT MCMURRAY:  Canadian Geographic Animal Card registration is now open for Fort McMurray schools! Sign up your class today and become a part of this wonderful program!  Cards will be distributed in September for the fall reading program.







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How it works

Students can earn Calgary Flames hockey cards based on the amount of minutes they spend reading. Teachers have the flexibility to determine the best literacy strategy for their classroom. The goal for students is to collect the entire set of hockey cards.  In the Calgary area the hockey cards are distributed to all schools in January of each year and it is at the discretion of the teacher how long they would like the program to run. In Lethbridge hockey cards are distributed in May for teachers to run the reading program in the fall.

Click here for the 2017-18 RGIS Student Tracking Sheet

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Player Visits **

Calgary area schools that have 100% of students participating in Reading…Give It A Shot! are eligible to receive additional recognition, thanks to the generous support of the Calgary Flames Foundation.

Every year a Calgary Flames player and Harvey the Hound visit two schools to meet the students and sign hockey cards! This year it could be yours.

**not available outside of the Calgary area

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