TEPF is a strong supporter of anti-bullying campaigns.

We’ve partnered with a local expert, Kathy MacDonald, to help educate parents and students on Cyberbullying.

Kathy has a gift for connecting with her audience having delivered more than 2000 professional presentations. She loves helping clients better understand online risks and specializes in cyber security for business, cyber safety for all ages, online crime, identity theft, cyberbullying and general cyber awareness. She can customize her presentation to meet your time and content requirements. Kathy Macdonald is a Member of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces (M.O.M.) and is a registered speaker with the Speakers’ Bureau of Canada.







Modern Family

Kathy encourages parents to create a trusting environment with their children and have conversations about social media issues so that kids can ask questions without fear of blame, and obtain support on issues of concern. She warns of the dangers of oversharing in social media yet explains how posting the right information can help users personally and professionally.

Catch Me If You Can

Kathy provides insight into the criminal element of the Internet, but also offers practical advice and actionable steps for non-technical computer users to prevent and reduce online risk, and stresses the importance of being proactive, aware and vigilant on the Internet.

The Bullet Doesn’t Fit The Gun

Kathy discusses cyberbullying from an awareness standpoint, and explains how to deny, deter, detect and delay opportunities for online abuse and bullying. She teaches how to recognize the signs of cyberbullying and what steps to take if someone is being targeted by a cyberbully. More importantly, Kathy outlines the steps one needs to take to prevent this growing problem.

TEPF’s Cybersafety program is spearheaded Kathy MacDonald, a Security Consultant with over 25 years of experience in law enforcement. Her passion for cyber bullying prevention has led her to speak to organizations and schools around the world. Actively maintaining a safe online environment is critical for the safety of children and communities, and Kathy’s principles teach people of all ages that they can be good citizens by deterring cyber-risk. Her presentations focus on encouraging parents to create open dialogue with their children about Internet use, providing insight on how to reduce online risk, and discussing the growing issue of cyberbullying and how it can be prevented.

Kathy gave presentations with the Calgary Police Service for over ten years before beginning her relationship with TEPF. She was contacted for her expertise in an area where awareness of and education on the topic can make a remarkable difference. After happily obliging to continue her vigorous pursuit of the message of cyber safety, she became a strong addition to the organization. With her, the Cyber Safety program has visited five schools and received high praise following each one.

Just as our Citizenship in Action Program teaches youth how to be good citizens in the community, Cybersafety teaches youth how to be good citizens online. TEPF believes strongly in Kathy’s mission to combat cyber bullying through education. Because technology has become ingrained into our everyday lives, it is crucial that our children are aware of the responsibilities and risks that accompany it. We proudly support a campaign that shares our values and encourages youth to make the Internet a safe place for all.

The money raised will go towards offsetting the costs of Kathy’s presentations, making the program more accessible for schools. TEPF is deeply thankful to have ConocoPhillips Canada help play a key role in educating Alberta’s parents and youth on vigilant online use.

Please visit Kathy’s website at http://kathymacdonald.ca/ to learn more about her mission and presentations.

I hope that my talks will inspire my audience to be proactive at all times, on every device and on every platform. At the same time, I want users to become confident in their own ability to make safe choices and better informed decisions when on the Internet."

Founder & CEO
Global Cyber Security Courses Inc


Kathy is clearly the known expert on the subject matter. Her uncompromised knowledge coupled with current research findings give her a remarkable command in communicating the perils of cyberbullying, but even better, the advantages of safe browsing. Kathy has relentlessly pursued this message of cybersafety over the years and we are very fortunate to have her support TEPF in conveying this message about online and digital safety."

President & CEO
The Educational Partnership Foundation

For more information on our Cybersafety program, please contact Kevin Strybosch at 403-457-5822 or kevin.strybosch@tepf.ca

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