Developing the Citizens of Tomorrow

Citizenship In Action – Empowering Youth Leaders’ goal is to support student-led citizenship initiatives that will have a positive and sustainable impact in the community. Since 2012, TEPF has helped students with such wide ranging endeavors as establishing composting and recycling programs in their school, finding ways to conserve water in a community with a water shortage, using a school mural on a city fence to decrease graffiti, and using gardening to teach lifelong stress reduction skills. To date over 100 initiatives in our partner school districts have received TEPF’s support.

Successful Citizenship In Action initiatives are shared here on TEPF’s website, and on our social media channels, so that all communities can benefit and strive to promote responsible decision-making and positive behaviour changes.

Citizenship in Action Guidelines:

  1. Projects must be student-led and initiated
  2. Projects must have a positive and sustainable impact in the school or community
  3. The project must fall under one or more of TEPF’s core pillars
  4. Travel costs or speaker honourariums cannot be funded
  5. Each successful application must submit a report six months after funding is received






Initiatives must be led by students, and must fall into the following four Pillars of Citizenship:

Community and Relationships

Contributes to the community and society


Respects the environment and seeks to improve our “footprint” on local ecosystems

Health, Wellness and Safety

Takes responsibility for learning about and acting on health, wellness and safety information

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Projects related to either innovation or start-ups and entrepreneurship

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